Artistic. Creative. Dynamic. Passionate. Inspirational.

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About the Artist

Artistic.  Creative.  Dynamic.  Passionate.  Inspirational.  These are only some of the words one could use to describe Addelle Sanders and her astonishing fiber art masterpieces.  With stunning pieces that each have their own distinct personality and style, Addelle has been creating beautiful works of art that have captured the hearts of art lovers everywhere for over 12 years. 


Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Addelle always had a secret passion for the art world.  However, it wasn't until she enrolled in New York University's Master's Program that she decided to pursue her dream.  During her studies at NYU she began modeling to supplement her income. In 1988 she began making jewelry and belts from leather and reptile skins as a hobby, but that quickly turned into a business.  Eventually Addelle began creating female figurine pins and the response to these creations was so positive that she decided to dedicate her time solely to their design.  From there the figurine pins evolved into the magnificent pieces you see today.  It was from that venture the concept of fiber art was born.  Along with her partner Ron, Addelle co-founded Fiber Art by Rondelle and together the duo used rich palettes of colorful silk threads and metallic cords to weave together intricate patterns to create classics like "Ladies Night Out," "The Student," and their popular "Diva" series. 


The success of these works garnered Addelle numerous awards and has been featured in several galleries and art festivals including , Ellis-Chambers Gallery, International Home Gallery, Terri Logan Gallery, Pan-African Film & Fine Art Show, Essence Music Festival, Jazzfest, National Black Art Festival and was also chosen to be exhibited in the permanent collections of the Schomburg Center in New York. 


Now after recently retiring from management position of 29 years at the Veterans Administration and relocating to Charleston, SC, Addelle is ready for a new and exciting challenge.  Using the cultural influence and natural beauty of South Carolina as her muse, Addelle has evolved once again with the start of her new company perfectly titled AddelleAddelle promises to continue showcasing Addelle's exciting use of color and fabric in her fiber art pieces, while introducing an inspired progression that is sure to stimulate your visual senses.  Addelle Sanders is one of the most moving artists of our time and definitely one to be watched. 

I never decided at all to be an artist; being an artist seems to have happened to me
– Anne Truitt

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